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Saturday, March 3


Assalamualaikum and good morning! It is 2:25 AM here and I can't sleep since I have a lot of things going through my mind. I spammed my twitter and whatsapp story but I feel bad to those who will see my nonsense side so I've deleted those post haha. Btw guys! I already turned 21st y/o officially last February and yeaaaah I'm feel old since I have passed two decades of my life. There are a lot of things happened within this two decades. Every day filled with happiness, sadness, ups and downs also sweet and bitter things happened in my life. Every chapter got their own moral and lesson to be learned throughout those years. Those experience taught me a lot of things especially when it come about people. 

The reality of people is they come and go, that's life. Some come for a while and then walk away, some stay but feel distant, some are far away but still so near and more. I can't deny the fact that some people change and some people don't. Indeed I just learn more about them. I would like to emphasize my post about friend but I think I will type longer about that topic so I will make another post to cover them. Back to people, we are all different in our own ways. We've been created uniquely and our existence are to complete each other life. No matter how we think we can survive alone in this world, we still need other people in our life since the reality is no one can survive this world alone. If you can survive it alone, why don't you just live in your own world and universe alone? Whether you realized it or not, you will feel lonely if you spend most of your time alone. My point is, you need to accept when people come and go in your life. It is normal to see people walk away but as you know the best will always stay. So we need to cherish those who stay. If people come, you need to welcome them.If they decide to walk away, don't try to make them stay. Everyone have their own life and you are not the only person in their life, sometimes it hurt to acknowledge the fact but you still need to accept it. So "don't feel bad if people remember you only when they need you. Feel privileged that you are like a candle that comes to their mind when there is darkness."

P/s : I don't know what I mumble about in my post hmm those words kind of aint relate and seem pointless but yeah I don't care, I'm still want to post it. I hope you guys can understand what I try to tell you about. 

love tirađź’•

Tuesday, August 22

End of first year !

Hi everyone! Finally I'm writing back after thousand times keep on and off with this blog. As the post title said yes I ended my first year as a student and three more years to go! So now I would like to share my story as a first year university student. I am a Matriculation leaver and I'm the oldest daughter as well as the oldest granddaughter so I don't really have a clear vision of university life. From the first time I accepted the offer to university I was clueless and didn't know what to do. There were so many things to do since it was the first time. You need to do medical checkup, x-ray, buy essential things, new shirt and etc. One week before you leaving your house for orientation week as well enter the first semester you need to go to bank and settle your tuition fee so it wont effect you later . Okay I think for this I will make another entry which might be helpful for those who are going to pursue their study in university and let name it as Tips Masuk Universiti #TipsMasukU . I used to read those tips before haha some of it were helpful and some didnt (typically mengarut juga lol) . 

Okay back to the story, before I entered the first semester I had mixed feeling such as confused, excited and also homesick (tho I didn't went to the uni yet lol) . D-day happened and first destination was at my college because need to register etc then headed to room given. It was so hectic since according to the offer letter stated that I need to register at 12noon (2nd session) but when I reached the destination they said that the orientation started at 12.30pm . I didnt even had a cry emo moment when my family left me as I rushed to queued for orientation. Orientation week went well, my housemates were nice but we didn't stayed together that long because they separated us after midsem. It was heartbreaking moment tho I cried so much because we were closed enough. There were a lot of up and down moment throughout the semester. 

After semester 1 ended we got around one month holiday before we made a comeback to our university life. Usually student will take a chance to go holiday or work (thesedays they don't really accept new worker for only a month). Around 2 weeks after final examination you will receive your result and thank god I made it to a Dean's List. I was so happy because I didn't even imagine that I can achieve a result like this. I spend my holiday by stayed at home , take care of my sister (mostly like a housekeeper) and doing chores etc. As usual before register to a new semester I need to go to bank and settle the payment of my tuition fee (I didn't take ptptn that is why I need to do it by myself). When the semester 2 began, I got new housemates and classmates (literally met new people) so from here I just realized that those who you thought who will stay with you til the end wont be there. Besides, some people didn't even behave the same as they did in first semester (people changed that quick?) . You will see some people are nice in front of you but badmouthing about you at the back (huh such a fake!) but all you can do is just be yourself and show them they are wrong about you. Alhamdulillah no matter what happened if you still have your faith and keep believing in yourself you can still survive no matter what is it. I was given a gift which was being a scholar to ybr and when to their camp, met new friends. Thank god, it such a valuable moment and thank you to my beloved friends who kept giving me motivated with their words also encouraged me. Stayed with me when I was down though they were far away but technology bring us closer. Thank you so much because of their words I got excellence result for 2nd semester. I finally ended my first year with two Dean's list for first and second semester. It is a best gift for me and may I will be able to achieve it for my incoming semester. Til here, lots of love by Tira.