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Monday, November 14

Yik Mun

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone! I'm currently in bus, on my way to campus for my class. Since I got a time so I want to write about a famous pau in town named as Pau Yik Mun. Yesterday, my friend and I had our statistic midtest. It was in the late evening and everyone was hungry. This time, we just had a cereal as our breakfast and we answered our test with an empty stomach. Right away after we finished our test, we headed to Pau Yik Mun. My friend ordered Chicken Curry's pau, Beef Curry's pau and Bean's pau. While me ordered Kaya's pau.

Everyone had one pau each and all are ready for take away. I had a bite of it in our car while headed to train station to send off one of my friend since she got an interview today. (All the best babe! May you get the scholarship!) . My pau cost is RM2.20. The taste isn't that bad, should I say edible for my tounge? . At first I wasnt like the outer texture maybe because it was wet from the evaporation haha science geek lol. Then after took many bites, it wasnt that bad. It is delicious. No wonder it is famous. This restaurant also featured in Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan (JJCM) . Here a footage of it.

To those who stay in this town, you should try their pau. Honestly said you wont regret to try new things here especially when you are new in this area. Til this last word, thank you for reading 

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